Whitewater educator Diana Callope named NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow

Callope_NEAFoundation_2016_WithCaption_116pxThe NEA Foundation has named WEAC member Diana Callope, a math educator at Whitewater Middle School in Whitewater, as one the 31 award-winning, public school educators to become this year’s class of Global Learning Fellows. Diana – who was a 2015 Wisconsin Teacher of the Year – is participating in a year-long, professional learning experience focusing on how to incorporate global competency into instruction, and in June, will travel to Peru for a 10-day international field study with educators and administrators in village schools near Lima and Cusco.

As part of the program, Diana will go through robust, year-long professional development and complete Year One of VIF International Education’s Global Gateway, an online course designed to be a foundation for understanding global competence. The fellowship equips educators to bring an international perspective to their students, school districts, and state and local NEA affiliates.

“We believe that, in order to thrive as global citizens, today’s students need to learn how to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action,” said Harriet Sanford, President and CEO of the NEA Foundation. “That’s why the NEA Foundation created the Global Learning Fellowship: to provide educators with comprehensive professional learning focused on authentically integrating these global skills into classroom instruction.”

Machu Pichu, Peru

Machu Pichu, Peru

Over the course of a year, the NEA Foundation staff, partners, and field experts will support Diana as she immerses herself  in online coursework, webinars, and introductory Spanish language learning. She will have access to a wide array of web tools to help contextualize her experiences in Peru, as she examines the impact of Peru’s historical, economic, and cultural legacies on its current educational system.

Throughout the fellowship, Diana will develop at least four lesson or unit plans integrated with global competency skills that challenge students to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment. These lesson plans will be shared with educators around the world via VIF International Education, an open-source platform, helping increase field knowledge on the topic.

In June, Fellows will convene in Peru to observe classroom instruction at local schools and exchange ideas and best practices with Peruvian teachers and administrators. Fellows will also meet with representatives from a multinational business to learn about Peru’s global economy.

As part of a service learning project to engage with the local community, Fellows recently launched a crowdfunding campaign called, “Books for the Students of Cuzco” on Indiegogo. Funds raised through the campaign will go toward purchasing books that Fellows will deliver to school libraries in the surrounding villages of Cuzco.

Get to know all of the 2016 NEA Foundation Learning Fellows by visiting neafoundation.org. The international field study is sponsored by the NEA Foundation and designed by Education First.