Election of WEAC Region 10/Retired Delegates to the 2018 WEAC Representative Assembly

We are beginning the process of electing delegates to the April 28, 2018 WEAC Representative Assembly in La Crosse, again making us the largest delegation in WEAC. All WEAC Region 10/Retired members are eligible to run for a delegate position or to nominate other WEAC Region 10/Retired members as candidates. If you’d like to submit your name for candidacy or nominate someone else, you may access the nomination form at http://weac.org/forms/weac-r-delegate-to-weac-ra/ or contact Ann Caruso at carusoa@weac.org or 1-800-362-8034, ext. 219.

The candidates receiving the most votes within our delegate allotment shall be the WEAC Region 10/Retired delegates. Those receiving the next highest numbers of votes shall be the alternates. Should a delegate be unable to fulfill their duties, the appropriate alternate will move to delegate status.

Per WEAC Region 10/Retired policy, WEAC Region 10/Retired will reimburse approved expenses (1/2 double occupancy rate for Friday night only if driving more than 150 miles one way, 1/2 double occupancy rate for Saturday night, meals not provided by WEAC and round trip mileage) provided delegates are seated with WEAC Region 10/Retired for all business sessions during the full WEAC Representative Assembly.

As a candidate, you may request a list of WEAC Region 10/Retired members and/or mailing labels; however, payment for any lists and/or labels must be received in advance. Requests for such lists and/or labels should be directed to the WEAC Region 10/Retired Governance Liaison. I encourage your involvement in association governance and look forward to your participation in this election.

Nomination forms must be postmarked by January 12, 2018, and submitted to Arlene Braden, WEAC Region 10/Retired Governance Liaison, P. O. Box 8003, Madison, WI  53708-8003. 

We encourage and look forward to your participation in this election.