Membership Information

There are two types of WEAC Region 10 memberships:

  1. Pre-Retired and
  2. Already-Retired

Pre-Retired Membership

When you join WEAC Region 10 before you retire, you are a pre-retired member. A pre-retired member is a WEAC member of any age who prepays the retired life membership dues before retirement.  As a pre-retired member you may attend WEAC Region 10 meetings and conferences at your own or your region’s/local’s expense. However, because of your status as an Active member, you may not vote in WEAC Region 10 governance elections.

Unrestricted retired life membership begins when you provide written notice to the WEAC Membership Department that you have retired.

Already-Retired Membership

Former WEAC members who have already retired, but would now like to join WEAC Region 10 may do so by filling out an already-retired membership form.

CLICK HERE TO ENROLL NOW: Complete this enrollment form, print it and mail in with payment