Keeping in Touch – June 2020

Dear WEAC-Retired members, 

Hopefully you all are staying well, physically, mentally and emotionally. Added to the COVID-19 pandemic is what has been happening around our country, and the world, as a result of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I’m forwarding the following remarks from Lily and Phyllis, who are much more eloquent than I! 

Ginny Bosse
WEAC-Retired President
Letter from NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia Dear Colleagues,

Years ago the delegates to the Representative Assembly debated a Resolution on the systemic racism pervasive in our society and cemented into our institutions of education, law and health by a culture built around white supremacy.  It was controversial, but it was important to acknowledge that the boundaries between the “haves” and the “have nots” in our country still lie on predictable racial frontiers.  Measures of poverty disproportionately weigh against communities of color.  Measures of arrests and convictions disproportionately weigh against communities of color.  Measures of lack of health insurance disproportionately weigh against communities of color.  Measures of expulsions, drop outs, suspensions and lack of elective programs disproportionately weigh against communities of color. 

The delegates to our RA listened to the reasoned debate, but I believe more than that, they listened to their own hearts and experiences and knew the resolution to be true.

What is playing out in our nation today bears witness to a culture that values black lives less than white lives.  And that culture – that belief so imbedded into the way we look at the world – has cost countless lives and destroyed the futures of untold generations. 

We began by speaking the truth in our resolution.  That truth is now naked and seen by all.  Our great union will continue speaking truth, but we must do more.  Dr. King said that the moral arc of the universe was long but bends towards justice.  Nothing, however, bends without acting upon it.  In the coming months, you will be asked to act and to put your muscle to the moral arc of the universe that must not wait any longer for racial justice.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, NEA President
The following message was forwarded through NEA-Retired, and was written by Phyllis Compton, retired president of Miami/Dade Retirees to her membership: Letter from Phyllis Compton 
In this moment of pain and hurt for our nation, we are in need of great healing.  We have been ravaged by not only a global pandemic, but systemic and institutional racism that has plagued our country since its inception.  I do not pretend to know all the answers, but I do know that if we act in the spirit of unity, there is hope that we can heal the wounds of division for a better tomorrow.  We can begin by examining our own thoughts and actions.Have I caused directly, or indirectly, pain to others who do not look like me? Does unintended racism blur my vision of my neighbor?Have I witnessed racism but did nothing about it?Racism often manifests itself in our individual thoughts which perpetuate centuries of social injustice.Look inward and pray/meditate for the will to contribute to the healing of racism. This is a difficult time and challenge for all of us, but we must face it head on, beginning with our own self-examination.  We cannot sit idly by and allow the injustices to continue.  We need to channel our energy as a tool to make us better….make this nation better. 

In Unity,
Phyllis Compton

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Executive Committee: President Ginny Bosse, Park Falls; Vice President Tom Zigan, Milwaukee; Secretary/Treasurer Carol Krogmann, New Berlin; Membership Coordinator Mary Jarvis, Wausau; and At-Large Representative Marlene Ott, Greendale.
 2020 WEAC Region 10/Retired Annual Meeting 
 WEAC Region 10/Retired held its Annual Meeting via Zoom on Thursday, May 28, 2020. By the close of the meeting, attendants had passed four Constitution & Bylaws amendments which Deleted “Sunset” language that was no longer needed, clarified the duties of the Elections Committee, and renamed our association WEAC-Retired in both our C&Bs. All of the Executive Committee reports are still on the website, along with the revised C&Bs. If you were unable to attend, I hope you will take time to read the reports, which are in a single file, along with the Agenda and proposed Bylaws changes, which all passed unanimously. At this time, our web address is still, and the website is still full of references to Region 10. It will take time to update the website, our forms, brochure, display boards, etc. Eventually, as things get cleaned-up, use of our new/old name will be less confusing for members and potential members alike.

The WEAC held its first-ever Representative Assembly via Zoom on Saturday, May 23rd. WEAC-Retired filled all of its delegate positions for the first time in quite a few years. The business of the RA was very limited, due to the format. The Budget passed allows WEAC-R the same amount we have received for several years. If you haven’t contributed to the WEAC PAC yet (or want to give more!) download the form from our retired website and mail it to WEAC. You can also contact WEAC and become a WEAC Conduit member! 

The 2020 NEA RA will also be virtual, but on a format that can connect up to 10,000 participants! All WEAC delegates have 3 Wisconsin Caucuses to attend virtually. They may also attend a Candidate Forum and Open Hearings on the NEA Legislative Program, Amendments to the C&Bs and Standing Rules, the Strategic Plan and Budget, and NEA Resolutions. The NEA RA is scheduled for 1:00-6:00p.m., Thursday and Friday, July 2nd and 3rd. Because of the technical limitations of remote voting, and concerns regarding the accuracy and equity of remote voting with such a large number of delegates, all of the action items at the 2020 Representative Assembly will be decided by USPS mail ballot. The only action items will be the elections, the recommendation for U.S President, and the Strategic Plan and Budget. Stacy Abrams will give the opening invocation address. The National Teacher of the Year, National ESP of the Year, Higher Educator of the Year, and Friend of Education Award winner 17-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will speak.

Our 13 retired delegates will also participate in the NEA-Retired Meeting on Monday and Tuesday, June 29th and 30th. Because the number of delegates is much smaller, we will be able to conduct NEA-Retired elections during the meeting. The exception is the election of six NEA-R members to the NEA Resolutions Committee, because nominations have always been allowed from the floor. The six members and six alternates elected in 2019 will continue to serve until the next Annual Meeting.
Travels de GlennCoronavirus 1: What do you miss most about travel?By Glenn Schmidt
Photo: Paul and Julie Hambleton eating fish and chips in London
I’ve been doing a Travel Challenge on my Facebook Page. So far I’ve harvested responses to more than 30 questions. Here are excerpts of how some WEAC members (both active and retired) answered the question, “What do you miss most about travel?”
 “All of it. Seeing new places, meeting new people, learning history and geography by visiting the locations where events took place, eating and drinking…and being around new people without feeling vaguely afraid.” Brenda Morris

“I will especially miss going into grocery stores and markets in other countries. They are so fascinating.” Nancy Habeger

“The feeling you are experiencing something that will influence and stay with you as you move forward in life.” Pat Hill

“I’m enthralled with evidence of the ancients wherever and whenever I travel.” Paul Hambleton.

“My traveling companions make each trip special and an experience we revisit when we gather.” Mary Bell

“Exploring different cultures and learning new things.” Heather Mielke

“Bringing back different places in the World to my kids—and sneaking a few pics into the front of library books.” Mary Jo Fesenmaier.

“Easy! The pools, restaurants, beaches, NO schedule, and time away from work.” Britt Hall

“I miss the unexpected surprise finds.” Michelle Frola

“Experiencing the customs that have shaped our world.” Jill Matarrese
What do you miss?
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